Tips and Tricks

 1.  Learn to read food labels for their protein, carb, fat and additive content – but know that the easiest way to avoid problems is to choose fresh, UNPROCESSED foods, including pastured animal products, obtained directly from sustainable farmers.

2.  How you feel and are able to function TODAY and how fully you will be able to enjoy all the days that follow are directly affected  by  what you put in and on your body, how many chemicals and toxins you are forced to deal with, how little or how much exercise you do, how much other stress you are forced to deal with. In our modern world  perfection is not  possible,  if it ever was.  What we’re after is bringing ourselves back into BALANCE.  The length and intensity of the process depends on your needs - and to a lesser extent your genetic make-up.

3. Contrary to popular media assertions, the supplement industry is heavily regulated.  Nutritional supplements are treated  as a subcategory of foods, and so the same regulations that apply to foods also apply to supplements.  However, any quick review of the food industry will show that with increasing frequency and regularity there are serious health-affecting problems with our food supply - and the same is unfortunately also true of the supplement industry. Laws are simply being skirted or ignored, and layers of new laws will not solve the problem.  Understand therefore: