Targeting Personal Needs

Our  Basic Supplement Plans were developed for those people who want to get the most out of life. The following questionaire is designed to help you choose the basic supplement plan that best enhances your current diet and lifestyle. Answer as OBJECTIVELY as possible,  then total up your score and match your score to the appropriate category. (Note some questions give 20 points). If you have special health needs or  concerns you might consider “targeted nutrients” which we can help you select if you like. 

You are aiming to mimic what ideally would be in our foods, which is why our selections contain such a wide variety of nutrients and trace minerals. Please note we are in no way suggesting that supplements are a substitute for an optimal diet, which we hope you will strive to achieve once you learn just what an optimal diet is and how you can best obtain it.


1. Do you eat primarily sustainably grown produce; fresh, wild fish from clean water; “pastured” animal products?

Never or almost never (0)           Sometimes(10)               Always or almost always(20)

2. Do you include some lacto-fermented foods and beverages in your diet?

Never or almost never(0)            Sometimes(10)               Always or almost always(20)

3. Do you consume at least 50% of your food raw or only VERY lighlty cooked?

Never or almost never(0)           Sometimes(10)              Always or almost always(20)

4. Do you consume adequate amounts (for you) of “Best” protein? (MINIMUM 20 grams per meal)

Never or almost never(0)          Sometimes(10)             Always or almost always(20)

5. Do you minimize your intake of “bad” fats,  and add sufficient “good” fats?

Never or almost never(0)          Sometimes(10)            Always or almost always(20)

6. Do you eat appropriate amounts (for you) of “favorable” and especially “most favorable” carbs?

Never or almost never(0)          Sometimes(10)             Always or almost always(20)

7. Do you limit your intake of “unfavorable” carbs to 25% or LESS of your TOTAL carb intake?

Never or almost never(0)          Sometimes(10)           Always or almost always(20)

8. Do you drink  clean, filterred drinking water everyday? (Herbal tea can partially count as can the more optimal “green” drinks and fresh, unpasturized whole milk, kefir, yogurt and lacto-fermented beverages.)

Never or almost never(0)          Sometimes(10)             Always or almost always(20) 

9. Do you exercise moderately  - such as yoga or brisk walking 30 minutes 4 or more days a week? (Non-exercisers and heavy exercisers both should answer Never - heavy exercisers also may need to add "targeted nutrients".

Never or almost never(0)          Sometimes(10)           Always or almost always(20)

10. Estimate contamination of your environmennt. Ex: Do you live in a very rural, non-agricultural, chemical free environment or  within 25 miles of a  heavily industrial or agribusiness environment and a smoke-filled home or work place.

Near heavy industry(0)  small town, little  industry or agribusiness(10)   Very rural, “uncontaminated” (20)

11. Do you consume more than 4 ounces of an alcoholic beverage more than once or twice a week?

Always or almost always(0)         Sometimes(5)                 Never or almost never(10)

12. Do you use organic or toxin-free personal care products, cooking and eating utensils, household cleaning products and lawn and garden products?

Never or almost never(0)         Sometimes(5)            Always or almost always(10) 

13. Do you have 1 to 3 high volume, well-formed bowel movements every day?

Never or almost never(0)         Sometimes(10)            Always or almost always(20)

14. In relative terms would you say your “surface” fat to lean body mass ratio is:

(Female) Poor- over 23% or under 10% fat (0)   Good 18 - 22% fat(10)    Excellent -12 to 17% fat(20)

 (Male) Poor -more than 20% fat   (0)        Good 13- 18% (10)              Excellent - 8 to 12% (20)

 15. Do you have ANY health complaints or issues, including weight management issues?

Several, at least 1 serious (0)   A few, but not really serious(10)   None to speak of 20)

16. Over the past two years have you taken ANY prescription medication or over-the-counter medication?

Yes, most or all  of that time(0)      Occasionally(10)          Never or almost never(20)

 17. Would you say the stress (including physical, mental, emotional, environmental) in your life is:

Very high(0)        Somewhat high but manageable(10)         Fairly moderate(20)

 18. Your current age is between:

45+years(0)                                  30 to 45 years(5)             18 to 30 years(10)    


Your Basic Plan Category:

0 to 120 points = Plan “A”

120 to 220 points = Plan “B”

220 to 300 points = Plan “C”