Signs and Signals of Declining Health

First, it goes without saying that healthy people do not need drugs for any reason. If you depend on any kind of drug, prescription or otherwise, on a regular basis YOU ARE NOT HEALTHY.

Just as important, virtually any health problem will be improved with personally appropriate nutritional support, and often you can wean yourself off most drugs with such support.

But beyond this obvious sign of declining health are many warnings our bodies may send us that things are not as they should be. Ignoring such signs or denying their importance almost always eventually leads to drug dependence and/or a health catastrophe.

The following signs and signals are presented as a means of determining whether there might be need for diet and/or lifestyle revision. If you are:

Any of these symptoms means your body (and your brain) is telling you something and you may want to pay attention, or suffer the consequences. Your body is NOT meant to function in a constant state of distress. (Be sure to check out the closely related signs of insulin/blood sugar imbalances and take our insulin/blood sugar self-test.)

Please note that, while it is tempting to rely on technologically sophisticated tests, these tests can and frequently do obscure the underlying issues, and they often come with a whole host of side effects. The eventual price for your neglect of what various signs and signals your body may be telling you can be high. Consider how overlooking the obvious  impacted one Dr. Stephen Gyland, M.D. of Tampa, Florida in what is now a classic case, well known to many natural health practitioners.