Best Protein

WHENEVER POSSIBLE,  pasture fed whole fat animal products, including organ meats    
OR antibiotic and hormone- free Lean meats and  poultry then add extra good fat
Fish, wild (not farm raised) and as often as possible fresh
Eggs, especially pasture fed,  or second best is organic or high Omega 3 
Cottage cheese, farmer's cheese or "pot" cheese or any raw cheeses -especially those made from raw milk from pastured animals
but see our combination page
Kefir  but see our combination page
Fish eggs (roe or caviar)

Acceptable but not ideal:

High quality, low heat, undenatured, non-acid treated whey protein powders (read label)
Firm and extra firm tofu, non-GMO, in limited amounts
Hot dogs and sausage with minimal ingredients and no msg and from pastured animals

***For the average-sized person, PROTEIN should account for ABOUT 20 to 30 grams protein per meal, THREE meals per day MINIMUM.  Some people may require as much as 46 grams best protein per meal, so consider this tip: FORGET CALORIES, grams and strict portion control. Start with a satisfying amount of BEST protein and GOOD fat, then add carbs, starting with "most favorable" carbs, which are needed for acid/alkline balance.  OR use the "eye-ball" approach: one fist for protein, two fists (or more) for "most favorable carbs" and one fist (or less, depending on needs) for "favorable" and "unfavorable" carbs - TOGETHER, plus some added butter, olive oil and/or nuts or seeds. (Groups that benefit from higher amounts of the more easily digested protein include athletes in certain stages of training, the seriously ill or malnourished,  pregnant and lactating moms,  and those of us with "insulin/blood sugar imbalances": i.e. most of us).