Farm and Garden Matters

Health begins with the quality of our food, which can only be provided by "small" producers - who in turn are the only ones that can realistically provide any type of "food security".  Unfortunately disinformation on food production is widespread. Therefore this page contains links to some of the very best - and often very hard to find - information available to and about REAL farmers and gardeners. If you value your right to choose REAL food please join the effort to STOP CODEX, STOP the FTAA and all FTAs, And STOP the NAU.

Before we list our farm and garden websites, we'd like to share the following information on minature cows - essential for all would-be "small land holder" dairymen and yes - even gardeners - found on a wonderful site called Journey to Forever also listed below. Here is what it says about Dexters:

"There's a worldwide surge of interest in Dexters. These tiny cattle stand not much more than 3ft at the shoulder and look like toys, but in fact they're tough and hardy, and very useful -- they're just about perfect for smallholders. They need less pasture and feed, but they produce more milk for their weight than any other breed, with average yield of about 1.5-2.5 gallons a day and up to a quart of cream per gallon. They're dual-purpose cattle, high-quality choice-grade lean meat with little waste. The cows are highly fertile and drop their calves in the field without difficulty. They thrive in hot as well as cold climates and do well outdoors year round. And they're gentle-natured beasts and easy to handle. Originally bred by smallholders in southern Ireland and left to roam in the mountains almost wild. . . Just 1/2 acre of good green grass per animal is needed." More details here, here and here.

More Websites for Farm and Garden Matters See the “take action page”, and be sure to read “Amber Waves of Grain” about the dark side of the American Farm Bureau. Although many would argue that what we need is a return to Constitutional principles and Bill of Rights protections rather than more laws and regulations concerning our sovereign right to grow and choose healthy food, this site provides an eye-opening view of Illinois families against rural messes. Read it and weep. What is happening in Illinois is not an anamoly. Ideas for small farms in cold climates, but do take time to read “articles by us” especially the one titled “Beyond Organic” – an excerpted portion of which is at the bottom of this page. Invaluable info on eco-agriculture and sustainable agriculture, plus annual conferences and excellent online store. Check out titles in their library, especially those in the Agricultrual library. Start with William Albrecht, the great soil scientist whose work was overshadowed by the well financed, Nobel prize winning Norman Borlaug, who was also the father of the "Green Revolution" - and GMOs. Although this group makes no distinction between raw, pastured dairy and commercial “organic” it does have some good articles – also see the food and farming network pages, includes “take action” ideas.   One laudible mission is to "forge food sovereignty for human rights and sustainable livelihoods."  "Promotes the sustainable management and use of biodiversity based on people's control over genetic resources and local knowledge." Tons of articles on how the food system is rigged by the "money powers". The website we started with at the top of this page. Excellent information for small farmers, gardeners and family farmers, some of which is very hard to find elsewhere. Our main concern with this group is their unfortunate support of biofuels. See GRAIN listed above along with related groups for more information on how biofuels contribute to the demise of the small farmer.