Combination Foods

In general, COMBINATION FOODS are those foods which have close to equal amounts of carbs,  protein, and fat - and/or fat which may be temporarily difficult for some to digest. The combination MAY require a reduced level of consumption of these types of foods for many people - at least until metabolism (and digestion) becomes “normalized.”

Adequate digestion of these or any foods is also a key factor in health and weight management. Note that far fewer problems are encountered when dairy foods in particular come from healthy pastured animals and are consumed raw (which preserves vital enzymes and nutrients required for metabolizing.).

Raw yoghurt and especially kefir will even help rebuild a compromised digestive system, while all raw, pastured dairy foods will help rebuild and restore health and vibrancy. The same cannot be said for pasteurized, homogenized milk products!

For those with low tolerance to dairy or those without current access to raw, pastured dairy - whole fat coconut milk and homemade nut milks, especially almond milk, may be preferrable to commercial milk products or commercial milk substitutes. 

Combination foods  include:

Antibiotic and hormone free whole fat milk,  preferrably from pastured animals, raw if possible. Organic whole fat pasteurized milk is a second choice. AVOID standard commercial pasteurized milk, and most especially avoid fat reduced commercial milk.

Plain kefir, organic and whole fat, raw and from pastured animals if at all possible

Plain yogurt, organic and whole fat, raw and from pastured animals if at all possible

Cream, organic or preferrably raw and from pastured animals

Nuts and seeds and their "butters" (For the most benefits, nuts can be soaked, then slow roasted altho dry roasted is acceptable)

Cheeses, with labels that say "fresh milk" or "milk" but especially those cheeses made from pastured animals from local farms