Personalizing the Pyramid

Unlike most pyramids you will encounter, including the various renditions of the USDA pyramid, the pyramid we have designed is a way of looking at your wellness plan as a complete unit which encourages you to explore the ways in which pharmaceuticals, environment, and other lifestyle factors impact your health and help determine personal wellness choices.

Variations and differences in your overall plan occur as a result of your personal situation but the overall design has some common threads uniting all the best wellness plans and is based on the best, most complete available research from both historical and contemporary sources.

Because of this, quality of foods and supplements is paramount, and the basis of true health resides primarily in how we maintain balance between diet and lifestyle factors. However, even when lifestyle factors are optimal, a high quality carbohydrate choice is still not going to be pasta and a good fat is not vegetable oil and synthetic E and A are not substances your body can most benefit from. These nuances you can acquaint yourself with as you are able, in part by examining our lists of Most favorable Carbs, Favorable carbs, Unfavorable carbs, Best proteins, and Good Fats and by selecting high quality supplements

However, and because some lifestyle and food choices can be difficult or impossible to change at least in the short term, various compensations - including appropriate supplementation can help balance out the less favorable portions of your wellness plan. Appropriate and adequate supplementation can also help rebuild and restore a depeleted body.

The bottom rung or base of the pyramid (Making diet and lifestyle choices that reduce "insulin stimulants") is your foundation, upon which all succeeding rungs are built. How closely to the ideal you come in your wellness choices at the bottom rung depends on which of the next few rungs need to be incorporated and at what level of intensity.

If, for example, your diet is all or mostly raw and fresh, and based in high quality, pasture-fed, animal-sourced foods and good fats together with plenty of non-starchy vegetables (and if your metabolism allows - a few fresh fruits or sprouted grains), together with some naturally fermented foods such as raw kefir, vegetables or juices AND your lifestyle is not overwhelmed by other "insulin stimulants" - then you will most likely be able to skip the next three rungs of our pyramid.

Targeted remedies would be included on an "as need" basis, BUT if you find you need to make excessive use of targeted remedies, then you need to re-examine how closely you adhere to the principles of the bottom rungs, and consider supplementing with a high quality mutivitamin/multimineral product, along with extra minerals and antioxidants.  Part of your daily diet will include "Super foods" such as a high quality cod liver oil, fresh unheated untreated bee pollen, herbs, and fresh, fermented or high quality powdered green drinks as well.

Most of us will need to incorporate all rungs to varying degrees of intensity. This means most of us will need to supplement with a personally appropriate high quality multi/vitamin multi/mineral formula and possibly an extra multi mineral and antioxidant formula. The older we are or the more health-compromised, the greater the need for supplementation even when we can achieve optimal diets.

While there is some disagreement as to whether multivitamins are as good as "whole food" supplements, our experience and research tells us that high quality, high potency multi vitmin/mineral formulas can achieve results as least as good as whole foods supplements and for a lot less cost.

The ultimate, long range goal however would be to gradually reduce and minimize the intensity level of all supplementation rungs above the bottom, and to include some superfoods daily in your diet.  For a way to estimate your personal multivitamin multimineral needs, see targeting needs. Alternatively you can email or call us for a personal natural health consult.

Basically what you want to accomplish long term is sometimes subtle, but always observable improvements to overall health and vitality. This would include such things as reduced cavities, reduced aches and pains, reduced susceptability to illness, improved weight management, increased energy and improved mood and mental alertness - together with improvements in other signs and signals of declining health.

Obviously all of this will not happen overnight so patience is warranted.  You also may requre some time to acquaint yourself with the information contained in these pages and in the references we provide and you may need to acquire some new tastes as you go along. Your effort will be well rewarded, so long as you remember that "health, like life, is a journey not a destination."