ON NNFA, CRN and Trade Associations

Excerpted from an article titled "Disinformation: Codex Is Harmless, Propaganda by the National Nutrional Foods Association (NNFA)" :

There is a distinct class of disinformation about Codex Alimentarius where the claim is made that the whole thing is "voluntary" and "harmless". Trace it back and you find that the source of this type of disinformation is usually the National Nutritional Foods Association (NNFA).

The NNFA is an organization that proclaims itself as serving the interests of the natural health industry. While that used to be the case, due to infusion of people from the pharmaceutical industry in its membership, that no longer is the case. NNFA runs an entire web site dedicated to instilling the misconception that "Codex is not a problem" and even "Codex is a good thing". Of course, this is not true. Codex cannot be a good thing unless you are one of the industries that would benefit from it.?

NNFA was instrumental in securing DSHEA in 1994. Back then, it truly was an organization dedicated to the interests of the natural health industry.

However, times have changed.

We know from past Presidents of the organization and industry insiders, that in addition to lots of health food stores, their membership now consists of interests from the pharmaceutical industry.

Because of change in membership, and the fact that the wellness industry members failed to prevent or control "infiltration" by pharmaceutical industry insiders, the NNFA is no longer the same organization that it was in 1994. . . .

 . . .
In 2004, the NNFA published an article called "International Natural Products Regulations Q&A: What Affect do they Really Have on the U.S?". The author is listed as Sidley Austin Brown and Wood LLP, (SABW) NNFA General Counsel". NNFA is reputed to have paid SABW approximately $800,000 in 2002 for the longer document from which the NNFA Q&A is excerpted. That expensive document misleadingly assures NNFA members that Codex poses no danger to health food store owners, manufacturers and marketers of supplements, or to anyone else involved in the U.S. natural health market, including consumers.

According to public advocate Tim Bolen, SABW is a major Washington lobbying law firm which counts among its major clients at least one pharmaceutical giant. . .

 . . .[Among other problems with the SABW Q & A document] Both SABW (authors of the purportedly $800,000 article) and the NNFA fail to mention that the Codex Alimentarius Commission operates under the Napoleonic Code, not Common Law (which is the legal system upon which the United States legal structure is based). The difference between the Napoleonic Code and Common Law is of immense significance here.

Under the Napoleonic Code, anything not explicitly permitted is forbidden. Under Common Law, anything not forbidden is permitted.

What that means for Americans is that if Codex promulgates a list of permitted substances, the so-called "Positive List" (a name which has nothing to do with optimism - it simply means the "only list of allowable items"), everything else that could be on the list but is not would be forbidden. So the Vitamin and Mineral Guideline will have a short "positive list" permitting only a small number of vitamins and minerals at ultra-low doses designed to have no biological impact on the human body. Higher doses or other vitamins and minerals will be forbidden since they are not on the positive list.

Following are exerpts from an article titled: "Will the REAL NNFA PLEASE STAND UP?: Big Money Feeds Anti-Consumer Vitamin Agenda, Connection between Pharma-Cartel, FDA, CRN, NNFA Exposed"

"This article explores the connections between the Pharma Cartel, FDA, CRN, and NNFA. The latter organizations, Council for Responsible Nutrition and National Nutritional Foods Association are trade associations supposedly representing interests of those engaged in marketing dietary supplements. Health Food stores and small vitamin manufacturers who belong to NNFA are cutting their own throats as members of NNFA, and after reading this should ask themselves if their interests are truly being served by NNFA, or have they been deceived?

NNFA, the group closest to grass roots interests, has done nothing to help me get an Oversight Hearing on the FDA's illegal actions before the Codex Alimentarius Commission's Committee on Nutrition and Food for Special Dietary Use, and this article explains why health food stores, and small to mid sized vitamin companies which belong to NNFA are being massively deceived by members with pharmaceutical clout. This article explains exactly how, and what to do about it. . . .


What Dr. Rath and I have to say about what is going on in the dietary supplement industry would be libelous, if it weren't entirely true. Many honest health food stores, and vitamin companies that are members of NNFA are unaware that the organization is being manipulated from the top- down, through the political/economic influence of its pharmaceutically oriented members, who pay the most in dues, and whose membership today constitutes a gross conflict of interest for the many reasons clearly outlined here.

It is my fervant wish, that after digesting the information presented here, the REAL NNFA, (the one that started years ago on someone's kitchen table to defend the natural food and supplement industry), along with the consuming public, will rise up and recognize the threat to health freedom in their midst, and take the necessary steps to address it. The pharmaceutical companies within NNFA (and CRN) are leading us directly to the cliff, but most people don't see it, not even I truly saw it clearly, until a few days ago when NNFA Executive Director Michael Ford refused to examine several specific things I tried calling to his attention, or to engage me in open debate on the radio. He appears to have much to attempt to cover up....

See the Pharmaceutical OVERLAP Between NNFA /CRN and FDA

BASF, is a member of both the National Nutritional Foods Association (NNFA) and the Council for Responsible Nutrition, (CRN), Bayer, (which also helped fuel Hitler's war machine) is also a member of CRN.

Capsugel, (division of Warner Lambert) is also a member of both NNFA and CRN. Randy Dennin of Capsugel is the Chair of NNFA's International Committee, which formulated NNFA's position on CODEX. (Dennin refuses to take my calls or to have any dialogue whatsoever..)

Joe Bassett, President of NNFA told me that their CODEX position was created "primarily by Randy Dennin, of Capsugel (Warner Lambert), and Karl Reidel of Nature's Life, with only token involvement from the Committee."

John Hathcock, Ph.D. of CRN, used to work directly with Dr.Beth Yetley of the FDA, the U.S. delegate the the Codex Committee on Nutrition and Food for Special Dietary Use. He went from the FDA- directly to CRN. He and CRN have helped fabricate a quasi scientific foundation for FDA's position on CODEX.

As the government rep, Yetley is the only member of the US Codex delegation with voting power. Could the overlaps discussed above between CRN/NNFA/FDA be the reason why NNFA sides with CRN and FDA at CODEX?


On May 21, 1999 The US Dept. of Justice issued a press release announcing: "Roche, BASF Agree to Pay Record Fines for Participating in Vitamin Cartel- Hoffman La Roche agrees to Pay $500 Million, Highest Criminal Fine Ever- Swiss Executive Agrees to Plead Guilty and Serve U.S. Jail Time" BASF plead guilty and paid a fine of $225 million for its role in the same antitrust conspiracy. The Department of Justice charged the corporations with conspiring to fix, raise, and maintain prices, and to allocate the sales volumes sold by them and other unnamed co-conspirator companies in the US and elsewhere.


The scam involved fixing and raising prices on Vitamins A, B2, B5, C, E, Beta Carotene, and vitamin premixes. Joel I. Klein, Assistant Attorney General in charge of the Department's Antitrust Division stated that "During the life of the conspiracy, virtually every American consumer paid artificially higher prices for vitamins and vitamin enriched foods in order to feed the greed of these defendants and their co-conspirators who reaped hundreds of millions of dollars in additional revenue." Rhone Poulenc escaped prosecution in the scandal by cooperating with the Justice Department's investigation.. . . .


It should be noted that Dr. Rath used to work directly with the late Dr. Linus Pauling. Between them they discovered more fundamental causes and solutions to human cardiovascular disease, the world's number one killer— and this puts their advocacy of the use of vitamins directly in the way of the huge profits which the pharma-cartel makes off the sale of heart drugs, the sale of which comprise the largest sector of pharmaceutical sales. Rath urges us to take a much closer look at CRN, NNFA, and other trade associations which claim to represent us.

Rath's "Open Letter to the American Health Food Community," "Chemnitz Program" and other materials are "must reading" for every American, especially for health food store owners, and owners of small to mid sized vitamin manufacturers, who stand to be driven out of business by the conflict of interest which clearly dominates NNFA. (I have posted Rath's open letter in the "Codex Oversight" section of http://www.iahf.com with some introductory comments because while I generally agree with most of what Rath is saying, I have a few views that differ and which will help anyone, including Dr. Rath, to see the issue more clearly. Rath's website should be carefully examined at http://www.rath.nl.


For more see "Understanding the IADSA/Pharmaceutical Connection".  Introduction below:
Politics is the manipulation of perceptions. It is IAHF's opinion that Pfizer did not become the world's #1 pharmaceutical company by accident-they got there by being very shrewd businessmen, and that includes having a very solid grasp of politics- and how to manipulate perceptions. It is IAHF's opinion that Pfizer has a vested interest in suppressing the dietary supplement industry world wide.

It is IAHF's opinion that Pfizer's gameplan is to have their employee, Randy Dennin make contributions via Pfizer subsidiary Capsugel to numerous dietary supplement industry causes and functions: (eg: American Association for Health Freedom, Citizens for Health, NPI Center, etc); and to join numerous vitamin industry trade associations, (eg NNFA, AHPA, CRN, IADSA) in order to create an APPEARANCE of loyalty to the dietary supplement industry. ("Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.")

It is IAHF's opinion that Pfizer prefers to have Dennin create and hold chairmanship of IADSA to create an APPEARANCE of loyalty to the industry in order to keep people from looking "too closely" at the position of hardliners (such as Ron Law or John Hammell) so that people won't bother to examine whether our concerns are correct or not regarding what IADSA is ACTUALLY doing in our industry. IAHF Presents the following documentation to back the OPINION that IADSA is a controlled opposition group, which is actually doing the OPPOSITE of what it CLAIMS to be doing. We feel that their action of expelling NNFA New Zealand for also asking questions about conflicts of interest illustrates this.

It is IAHF's opinion that the supplement industry is being led to the cliff by a wolf in sheep's clothing. IAHF asserts an opinion here regarding what the dietary supplement industry must do if it wishes to avoid being taken over by the pharmaceutical industry.