ABC + D Approach to healing

While it may be good for health practioners, it is decidedly bad for regular folk that we become serious about health only AFTER experiencing a health catastrophe of one sort or another. Even worse, and all too often, even when a relatively simple health concern makes itself apparent we automatically reach for a "quick fix/magic bullet" be it the latest medical treatment, drug or nutritional supplement touted to be the answer to all our troubles. The worst part is that we give no serious thought as to what may be at the root of our current troubles.

Yet as Claude Bernard and Antoine Bechamp described so many long years ago - and indeed as Louis Pasteur himself later admitted, it is the condition of the biological terrain -not the germ - that provides the conditions for disease (or health problems of any sort). This terrain (or ecosystem) is affected for good or ill by three key factors: nutritional levels, acid/alkaline balance, and level of toxicity - itself caused by excessive emotional, physical or environmental stress.

Today we need to add insulin/blood sugar imbalance which results from dietary misinformation along with toxic overload and nutrient depletion. Indeed nutrient depletion itself contributes to - or is a cause of acid/alkaline imbalance and yeast/fungal overgrowth, as well as insulin/blood sugar imbalance and it can contribute to toxic overload. These problems can then be compounded further by lifestyle choices we have labeled "insulin stimulants".

It would serve us well if we, as individuals, dedicated some time and effort towards maintaining, as well as improving our "terrain" by addressing these key factors.

The ABC + D approach to healing is a method to help you learn how to take control of your own health - and improve your own "biological terrain" by also learning how to maintain it. Although you can of course start with the "Direct Aids" or targeted remedies (and within the medical model: "quick fix/magic bullets") it would be in your own best interest, at least over the long term, to seriously address the foundational and basic ABC principles first. Here they are:

A = ACTIVATE the "healing response."

Activation is the first step in any wellness program. It is accomplished on several levels, but begins with the belief that you not only can - but should - take responsibility for maintaining and improving your own health. Many of us already are at this point - at least to some degree - even if we are often seriously misled by corrupted information. But it goes further than that, inasmuch as it is to your ultimate benefit and pleasure that you also understand that you deserve (and owe to loved ones) vibrant health and vitality. Just as important - and because of this belief - you are therefore willing to dedicate some time and effort in moving toward your objective.

Activation tools include: 1) affirmation and visualization techniques - or finding ways, if necessary, for dealing with pronounced or deep-seated emotional concerns; 2) some type of exercise even if it is only deep breathing, stretching and meditation accompanied by some fresh air and sunlight; and 3) taking concrete (and sometimes difficult) steps toward making better food choices with an initial goal of improving digestion - which is the key to all other body systems. You might begin by including more raw and naturally fermented foods in your diet, more vegetables - both raw and cooked, and perhaps supplement with probiotics and enzymes.

If you have deep-seated or pronounced emotional concerns, you may want and need to spend some additional time on this "Activation" step (which can be addressed concommitently with the build phase) because as traditional Chinese practitioners would tell us: "The mind and body are not two." You may want to explore a relatively new, highly effective emotional healing system that works by addressing the body's energy systems. It is called Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT for short and offers a free downloadable introductory lesson plus an inexpensive video program suitable for do-it-yourselfers (If you decide to purchase please use our link to help support our website).

B = BUILD depleted or weakened systems

Perhaps the most important, but most often misunderstood or overlooked step toward improving health involves the rebuilding of depleted or weakened systems by adopting not only an appropriately improved diet but also a personally appropriate foundation program that includes digestive aids that might have been adopted in the Activation phase (such as enzymes, probiotics, essential fatty acids, raw and naturally fermented foods and more vegetables) plus a high quality, high potency multi vitamin/mineral formula.

Note that our recommended multi formulas include enzymes, some essential fatty acids and one also contains probiotics. Some of you may still need to add additional products for a period of time to help your system rebuild. A good quality cod liver oil (or perhaps fish oil in summer months) will round out your base program.

C = CLEANSE toxins from the body

The type of cleanse you do and when you do it depends on your needs and goals. In addition, many people in a weakened state may need - or want - to "build" before they cleanse. Pregnant women, nursing moms and those with extreme fatigue, emaciation or feebleness should not undertake a cleansing program. Also if you suffer from inflammatory or irritable bowel, you may want to avoid all products containing bentonite or clay.

Some people may need to approach the cleanse phase in two parts: cleanse the colon or other key organ or system and build the colon or other key organ or system. In the build phase, various "direct aids" may be introduced as a method of building targeted systems or organs. These targeted remedies would be in addition to the basic building tools for the body, most especially a high quality, high potency mulit-vitamin/mineral/antioxidant formula.


D = DIRECT AID for specific health concerns

DIRECT AID or "targeted needs" are used to address specific health concerns, such as allergies, high blood pressure, over-acid condition (if not solved in one or more of the above steps), etc.  Direct aids might include employing one or more of a variety of specific vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, probiotics, antioxidants, essential oils, AND/OR herbs and herb combinations to address a specific health problem or complaint.

Direct aid is best undertaken AFTER a cleanse (for most people) and while a comprehensive building program is in place.  Over the long term, you will know when your basic ABC program is working when you begin to require fewer "Direct aids" or "targeted remedies".

Nevertheless, within the modern context of potential plagues it would be most wise to build a "medicine cabinet" of natural remedies.

Items which may be in your kitchen can be used as well. These might include Fenugreek and thyme for congestion, Rosemary for headaches, fennel for digestion, fresh garlic for flu or colds, and fresh ginger for indigestion, flu, colds, laryngitis and so forth.  (For the less adventurous there is also High Potency Garlic item#292-9, or Garlic Oil caps item #1694-6 and Ginger caps item #300-6, which are of sufficiently high quality to be used to make a medicinal tea. )

All of the following, as well as items listed above, are available at our best herbs source.

Some basic items to stock in the medicine Cabinet (in addition to the above) might include an amazingly effective formula called HCP-X (item #1216-5 - which is nearly identical to an Indian formula now being touted as a remedy for Avian Flu) to deal with colds, fever, congestion and immune deficiency.

Also Elderberry Defense (item #868-5) for similar issues and/or Ultimate Echinacea in liquid form (item #3181-2). Note that Echinacea should not be used with auto-immune disorders where the immune system is overactive - such as MS, Lupus or Hodkins.

Many also like Colloidal Silver in this special patented form (item #4074-7) which also helps with yeast/fungal infections, pneumonia and a variety of contagious diseases. Colloidal silver can be sprayed into the nostrils to control colds and sinus infections, dropped into the ear for infections - or taken internally.

Olive Leaf (item #204-7) is another consideration, useful for colds and a variety of contagious diseases, and all kinds of infections whether bacterial, viral or fungal in nature. It has even been found to be effective against Anthrax and it is one of the items which can be rotated to help eliminate yeast/fungal overgrowth.

Another extremely useful item for the medicine cabinet is Colostrum (item #1827) which is very effective in balancing the Immune system and it is even suitable for autoimmune disorders. Colostrum with Immune Factors (item #1587-3) is extremely useful for assisting with immune deficiency (but not autoimmune disorders) as well as allergies, colds and even cancer. Fresh colostrum is sometimes available (in season) from sustainable farmers.

Zinc Lozenges (item #9337-8) are essential for colds, laryngitis, and immune deficiency. But don't forget fresh ginger tea and garlic.

Another extremely valuable component for your "medicine chest" is Immune Stimulator (item #1839-3) which is highly effective for colds, a variety of contagious diseases, bacteral and viral infections, strep throat, staph infections, Eptein Barr or Chronic Fatigue syndrome, Multiple sclerosis, mononucleosis,  and to aid an immune system weakened by cancer and/or antibiotics. It is also a good tool to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and more.

In addition to HCP-X mentioned above, perhaps one of the most valuable all round components for your medicine chest would be ALJ combination which comes in two sizes - (item #778-8) for a small bottle of veggie tabs or, our preference,  the large bottle (item 779-6). The formula is also available in liquid form. ALJ is perhaps the best all-round formula for almost every type of respiratory problem, including allergies, asthma, colds, congestion, chronic sinus congestion, sinus headache, pneumonia, itchy or red eyes, ear infection or earaches, even abdominal pain and inflammation - or indigestion and snoring!  This formula works well combined with garlic, Immune Stimulator or Ultimate Echinacea (all listed above) for respiratory infections.

Last on this particular list is food grade Peppermint Oil (item #1706-8) - which can be used for congestion or headaches, topically applied - or for sensititve skin, inhaled. Peppermint oil has been shown in studies to be as effective as NSAIDs in relieving headaches, especially when combined with a bit of alcohol and rubbed on the temples. (More than one application may be needed.) Peppermint oil is also good for lifting the spirits, and great for indigestion. Since this item is food grade, place a drop or two in tea or green drink in cases of indigestion. Essential oils, it must be noted, are very concentrated substances and should be used sparingly and with discretion.

Again, quality is of utmost importance especially when you are relying on substances as a method of maintaining and/or imporving health. It is for this reason that we strongly endorse and recommend our best herbs source as a primary vendor.